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Sarcotropin Treatment

Sarcotropin for Achieving Optimal Wellness at Wisconsin Hormone Institute – In Milwaukee and serving Elm Grove, Mayfair, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Green Bay and all surrounding areas

Sarcotropin treatment to help improve HGH levels naturally






During youth, the body can burn fat and build muscle to a certain extent trouble-free. However, when young adulthood begins – usually around age 25 – gradual loss of muscle mass can set in and endure during the course of the adult years. Typically, the physical characteristics of weight gain mask the visual signs of muscle loss with an accumulation of stubborn fat leading to:

This is a condition frequently referred to as Sarcopenia. To challenge the confrontational effects of Sarcopenia, a new treatment has surfaced – Sarcotropin.

What is Sarcotropin?

Sarcotropin is a pharmaceutical, medical food designed to counter attack muscle loss and the symptoms accompanying Sarcopenia. This non-invasive treatment delivers a formulation of essential, practical ingredients proven to encourage Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) in the brain leading to an enhanced production and secretion of Growth Hormone (also called somatropin) by the pituitary gland, much like the body did naturally during youth.

Unlike Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy — which artificially replaces deteriorating levels of HGH from the outside — Sarcotropin attempts to address the primary cause of decreasing GH from the inside by instinctively stimulating the pituitary gland to generate more Growth Hormone. Sarcotropin encourages weight loss, positive energy balance, better sleep habits, and an improved body composition when used in unification with a typical diet and healthy way of life.

Benefits of Sarcotropin Therapy

In addition to efficacy, the ingredients of Sarcotropin has been approved safe for sustained use.  A large Phase 3 clinical trial was conducted, validating the safety and effectiveness further of Sarcotropin ingredients use in human beings, as well as the advantages. Benefits of Sarcotropin therapy may include:

Sarcotropin is also a far less costly treatment option than artificial HGH therapy. Sarcotropin therapy is designed for adults in search of vitality and improved wellbeing. To determine if Sarcotropin therapy is right for you, contact Wisconsin Hormone Institute to schedule an appointment.



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